How to Make a Homemade Lip Balm

How to Make a Homemade Lip Balm

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Today I will share with you a recipe for a Homemade Lip Balm! It is so easy to make that anyone can make it at home with only a few ingredients. But the most important point here is that all ingredients are 100% natural, not tested in animals and free from unnecessary petroleum products. When you do your own lip balm or any other homemade beauty product, you know exactly what you are adding in your recipe and this makes the whole difference from the store bought one!

I love everything homemade: from crafts, cooking to my own beauty and home cleaners! If you are like me you will love to make and use it as well!

So let’s start it?

You will need:

1 cup of carrier oil (you can use olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil…) I used coconut oil

1 ounce (approx. 28grams) of organic beeswax pellets (pellets are easier to melt)

Drops of Essential oil of your preference (I used peppermint)

Double boiler

Containers or tins with lids. I really recommend these .5 oz. tins because the plastic containers that I used are 2 oz. and it is way too much big for a lip balm!


TIP: every time that you need to buy essential oils please check if they are 100% pure essential oil. Some oils have some chemicals added to smell stronger that I do not recommend!!!

Start measuring the carrier oil and the beeswax. Add it to the top pan. On the bottom pan add 1/4 of its capacity with water. Make sure that the top pan does not touch the water.

While the water warms up it will start melting the mixture. When the mixture is completely melted, watch out for the beeswax – it needs to melt all the way, you can take the top pan out of the stove top.

Add some drops of your favorite essential oil. I used about 25 drops of peppermint oil because it is a little bit sweet and I love it! Mix it and pour it in the containers.

About 15 minutes later your lip balm will cool down and it is done!

Now, put the lids on, add the labels with the name of the product, ingredients and expiration date. If you keep the lip balm in a cool place, it will expire accordingly with the expiration date of the oil that you used to make this recipe.

Oils can get rancid so keep in mind that if your lip balm has a rancid taste and the color has changed, it is time to get rid of it.

I hope you enjoy this easy and fun recipe!