Let’s recycle in 2020?

Let’s recycle in 2020?

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First of all I’m so happy to announce that I just graduate from my university! Yes! Now I can say that I am officially a Fashion and Textile Designer! Yeaaaahhhhh!!!

And now, 2020 will be very promising: I’ll start the year fresh and with hope for a good job with new visions and be open to learn new things!

Secondly, one of my goals is to start writing here again! I confess with school I had to abandoned all my personal projects due to the homework and school’s projects.

Now, I have some plans for the blog : I want to really start talking more about Recycling, Reusing and Transforming materials for our sake and the sake of our planet!

Some years ago I start talking about recycling cooking oil to make laundry soaps. If you visit my You Tube channel, you will find some recipes that I show how to make them.

Recycling used cooking oil is one of the ways that you can contribute to not pollute our environment… and it’s so fun!!!! I love soap making!

I have others videos showing my thrifting shopping that is another way to recycle giving clothing and things a second chance!!!

But still, my goal for 2020 is to talk about recycling fabric and paper too!

So let’s do our part and make sure to be connected here for facts, tips and more recycling !!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2020!!!!