Today was a Thrifting Day!

Today was a Thrifting Day!

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Such a long time that I don’t write here!!! Yes life has been crazy with school, house,  and allll things that I have to do!!!!But, I’m here today to share with you my last visit to Goodwill!

Yes, today I woke up and say “you know what I need to thrift”! It’s funny but this was what happened! 

If this is your first time here, welcome! My name is Eloisa, I’m Brazilian living in Miami for 13 years! I’m fashion design student about to finish school! (one day I’ll tell you how was to come back school after my 40s…) anyway, if you want to know a little bit more about me check my About Me page!

I love to thrift! I think is so excited and when I go I never know what I will find it. I think thrifting is shopping experience that everybody needs to try! Some people may say that is gross, but I think that if you wash properly the thrifted clothing they are perfect for you to wear!

During my shopping today I’ve been in three Goodwill facilities and now I’ll show you what I’ve found!

I got this cute striped jacket that I love it

 It is rounded at the hem and has metal buttons in the fronts and sleeves I have some white pants that will go perfectly with it!!! So excited to wear it! It is a 100% cotton jacket! Paid $8.00!!!

Then I got this basic salmon t-shirt:

I like it because I have some pink pants that go perfectly with it!!! This one I paid $7.00 but it was new with tags! 🙂

Next  I found this Sumo t-shirt! and Yes This is so fun and besides last week I had bought some yoga pants with a similar color! OMG! It was meant to be!!!

Paid $4.50!

The elephant blouse! Looove elephants!  This blouse is size S so I’ll have to loose some pounds 🙁 paid $4.50!

The geometric cardigan! I love this piece because you can use as a layer on top of a basic shirt! Love it to give more style to my look! I don’t know the exact fiber content for the Elephant blouse or for this one but they are very similar and seems that they were machine knitted. Paid $6.00!

The basic black t-shirt! But this one is not so basic, it has metallic thin stripes all over it!  It is size S but I bought to wear under coats or cardigans anyway! 🙂 Paid $4.50!

The “Love Wins” T-shirt! This one is very comfortable and it’s size X-Large! I love it because has the quote! Fashion is a way for to communicate as well, and from now on, I want to buy more t-shirt with good and positive phrases!!! Paid $4.50!

The olive green t-shirt! It’s basic, simple but soooo comfortable! Paid $4.50!

Look that!!! I love this bag! I couldn’t resist! It is practically new! No stains, no marks, no dirty! All zippers works perfectly! Look at those  metal details??? So pretty!!! Lining is perfect! It is a good size bag that I love: not too big and not too small! Lining is polyester and outside is vinyl! Love it!!! Paid $6.00!

All pieces were great, no holes, no stains and in very good conditions!

All I can say that I will keep thrifting as much as I can not only to help the environment, but because for me, when I thrift I feel good, happier and I can style my clothes with creativity and find vintage and unique pieces!!!

I hope you enjoy this post!



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