How to Recycle Paper

How to Recycle Paper

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I love to recycle! I love to reuse materials and transform them in something new or something different from its original form!

Today I’ll show you an experience that I had some years ago: how I made recycled paper! As soon as I can I’ll repeat this experience because it was amazing to hold my own papers in my hands!

All the pictures posted here belonged to another blog that I used to have called “Infinito Papel” that’s why the pictures have this name on them!

So let’s start it!

First I tear some paper (newspaper and printer paper) and let it soak overnight. On the next day I mixed with some drill paint mixers.

After mixing them this was the consistency of the paper pulp! its was very mushy and thin.

In a big container I added water and this pulp. The quantity of the pulp will determine the thickness of the paper. With try and error you will finda the exactly amount of it. It all depends the size of you container. To this mixture, I added Rit fabric dye so my paper would end with some color!

This was the pink color that I added to this paper pulp but for my second batch I’ve chosen the blue color!

IMPORTANT: If you decide to add dyes into your mixture, please wear rubber gloves to protect your hands! I can say that I spent around 4 hours of my day doing this project and at the end of the day my hands had some allergic reaction: they got red and my skin was thick.

I emerged a screen printing frame inside the container to start forming the paper sheet.

You can use a screen printing frame like the one that I used

Or you can use a screen window frame.

After I pour all the excess of water from the frame and position the frame with the pulp facing down a sheet of newspaper

With care I took the screen off so the pulp stuck to the newspaper.

I hang all the sheets of paper (if we can called them already like so) in a drying rack so it could dry faster.

After drying all the paper I detached all the sheets from the newspaper. Don’t worry it’s very easy to detach them.

Now it’s the time for you to press down all these paper sheets and to do so you’ll need a book biding press press machine. At that time I didn’t have one, so I added lots of heavy books that I could find in my house and let them overnight on top of my recycled paper.

If you have a book biding press machine is ideal because it let your paper smooth and you’ll be able to write on it. I got one of these machines some years after making this project and I really want to use it in my next recycled paper project.

This is my Book biding Press machine. I’ll make a video to show you how it work!

You can buy one similar here:

On the next day my paper was smoother, but I’m sure will be so much better in the book binding press machine. I cut all the edges with the paper trimmer guillotine so paper was evenly cut!

So these are the results of my beautiful handmade recycle paper!

I hope you like this post and if you have any questions, please leave them below!



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