How To Pumpkin Door Stopper

How To Pumpkin Door Stopper

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I’m so happy today because I found one of my old patterns files and this one it’s going to be perfect for you to decorate your home in this fall!

The pattern was created to make a door stopper, but if you want it can used to make pumpkin decorations for the table or for the coffee table (or any other corner of your home) just do not add the too much sand into it!

If you want to watch how I did it, I have a video showing all steps to make it. It is in Portuguese, but I’m sure you’ll understand the process!

By the way, I know, It would be great to have videos in English so little by little I’ll make videos speaking in English, but maybe this will be my goal for 2020! 🙂

Below, find the pattern in PDF. It has 2 pages and you can download it or print it! I hope you can decorate your home for Halloween and Thanksgiving with your own pumpkins this year!


Enjoy it!!!


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