How to Naturally Dye Fabric with Hibiscus flower

How to Naturally Dye Fabric with Hibiscus flower

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Today I’ll show you how I dyed some fabric with hibiscus flower.

The beautiful Hibiscus flower is the Hawaii State Flower, (actually it’s the yellow hibiscus). It is one of the most known tropical flowers and for me it is lovely. It is easy to cultivate and it has some health benefits.

I had to do some research on internet to find out about its benefits. So here what people say when you drink hot or cold hibiscus tea:

  • Lower bad cholesterol and increases the good one
  • Protects the liver
  • Regulates Blood pressure (yes, I am taking medicine for high blood pressure)
  • Improve hair growth
  • It is diuretic
  • Treats hair and scalp
  • Controls anxiety
  • Aids on weight loss

ATTENTION: Some of the benefits need further research to CONFIRM that Hibiscus flowers really work for all the benefits above and I REALLY recommend to be CAREFULL with herbs and natural flowers tea because it can cause SIDE EFFECTS TO YOUR HEALTH. PLEASE ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE DRINKING HIGH DOSES OF NATURAL HERBS AND FLOWERS TEA INCLUDING HIBISCUS FLOWER.

In the beginning of 2019 I had to do some research on how to naturally dye fabric and I started dyeing some muslin with Hibiscus flower tea. Check my other post on How To Naturally Dye Fabric with Coffee Grounds For that I recommend this book :

I bought this book to understand a little bit more about the whole process of dyeing naturally fabrics! I love it and I really recommend it!

So let me tell you how I did it!

To dye naturally your fabric it is easier to use natural fibers fabric. In my case I used the unbleached muslin (that is a cotton fabric). But before dyeing it I had to prepare the fabric. In a big pan I added some water and added the fabric inside it. Let it simmer for 2 hours in a low heat. This will clean the fabric.

Look the color of the water after simmer the muslin!

After that I prepared the Hibiscus tea! I bought the hibiscus flower and made a strong tea! I added some white vinegar into the tea because you will need dome kind of mordant. The mordant allows the color not to fade too much.

Flowers after the tea!

I strained all the flowers from the water and put the fabric inside the tea. I let it soak overnight to get a beautiful deep color!

This is the fabric on the next day!

And this is the final color. Here the fabric is dried! One thing that is very important tom know is that natural dyes fade with light and washes. The fabric fade a lot if you are using only natural products as vinegar and salt. There are other ways for you to keep the colors but in this case I used only the natural way as a test!

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