How to Recycle Paper

I love to recycle! I love to reuse materials and transform them in something new or something different from its original form! Today I’ll show you an experience that I had some years ago: how I made recycled paper! As soon as I can I’ll repeat this experience because it was amazing to hold my own papers in my hands! […]

Today was a Thrifting Day!

Such a long time that I don’t write here!!! Yes life has been crazy with school, house,  and allll things that I have to do!!!!But, I’m here today to share with you my last visit to Goodwill! Yes, today I woke up and say “you know what I need to thrift”! It’s funny but this was what happened!  If this […]

How To Pumpkin Door Stopper

I’m so happy today because I found one of my old patterns files and this one it’s going to be perfect for you to decorate your home in this fall! The pattern was created to make a door stopper, but if you want it can used to make pumpkin decorations for the table or for the coffee table (or any […]