Homemade “Castille” Soap Recipe

Homemade “Castille” Soap Recipe

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In this recipe I based myself in the Traditional Castille Soap. The Homemade “Castille” Soap Recipe is not the original one because I added coconut oil. The real Castile Soap has only olive oil, what takes more than 2 weeks to be unmolded and around 6 months to cure.

To avoid all of the waiting time (I am too anxious to wait all that time!!!) I’ve created this recipe with a blend of coconut oil and olive oil what will help to let the soap stiffer and has a creamy and richer foam!

If you want to know how I made this soap, I have a video that shows you the process step by step:

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The Homemade “Castille” Soap Recipe


255 g distilled water
120 g lye
250g Coconut Oil
600 g Olive Oil
26 g Essential oil

I really encourage you to purchase this book that helped me and still does in my adventures at soapmaking:

These are some of the products that I use to make my soaps:

Attention: All measurements are in grams because due to their accuracy!

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WARNING: when working with Lye it is important to be careful. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) is an chemical that is very corrosive. Please always wear nitrile gloves, protector googles, long sleeves, pants and closed shoes! Make sure that when making your soap recipes children and pets are away from the site.

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