My Studio

My Studio

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Once I’m starting all over again, I reorganized my studio as well!

In my studio I have all my art supplies: paper, acrylic and watercolor paints, sewing threads, fabric, colored pencil, art books, sewing machines and all other art supplies and things that I need to be creative and turn into reality things that come to my head!

Under my table there is my cat bed that you can see in the photo above . If you don’t know my baby cat, his name is Toulouse and he is the sweetest cat ever!!!

Coming back to the studio, I love to be in my studio and get things going! Sometimes is not possible for me to stay at home and play with my paper and pencils because I’m a fashion design student and to get good grades and manage a house is not an easy job! But I’m very happy to start studying again… it’s just about dedication! If you don’t know me, let me say this, I love design and create! I’ll talk about the school more in a special post!

My studio is still a mess, but little by little, when I can, I’ll organize the way that I want! I think that I would love to give it more of a home office vibe; I think I’ve already achieved this to some extent but there’s more that I can do. To really make it a dedicated space for my work, I’ve been looking into the best office chairs, desks, and more that I can find online to furnish the room with so that I can surround myself with the things that I need to keep me working productively.

Thank you so much for your visit and I hope you enjoy this post!!!

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All my love!

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