A Book about Herbs and its benefits

Yes! I love plants! Plants and herbs! They offer you a new world a new way to see things! They can help if you suffer from depression and anxiety! There are tons of varieties of plants and herbs, different shapes, colors, sizes and textures! They are absolutely amazing! And yes, I am fascinated by them! I still remember the first […]

How to Make a Homemade Lip Balm

Today I will share with you a recipe for a Homemade Lip Balm! It is so easy to make that anyone can make it at home with only a few ingredients. But the most important point here is that all ingredients are 100% natural, not tested in animals and free from unnecessary petroleum products. When you do your own lip […]

Let’s recycle in 2020?

First of all I’m so happy to announce that I just graduate from my university! Yes! Now I can say that I am officially a Fashion and Textile Designer! Yeaaaahhhhh!!! And now, 2020 will be very promising: I’ll start the year fresh and with hope for a good job with new visions and be open to learn new things! Secondly, […]

How to Recycle Paper

I love to recycle! I love to reuse materials and transform them in something new or something different from its original form! Today I’ll show you an experience that I had some years ago: how I made recycled paper! As soon as I can I’ll repeat this experience because it was amazing to hold my own papers in my hands! […]

Today was a Thrifting Day!

Such a long time that I don’t write here!!! Yes life has been crazy with school, house,  and allll things that I have to do!!!!But, I’m here today to share with you my last visit to Goodwill! Yes, today I woke up and say “you know what I need to thrift”! It’s funny but this was what happened!  If this […]

How To Pumpkin Door Stopper

I’m so happy today because I found one of my old patterns files and this one it’s going to be perfect for you to decorate your home in this fall! The pattern was created to make a door stopper, but if you want it can used to make pumpkin decorations for the table or for the coffee table (or any […]

How to Handmade 100% Coconut Oil Soap

Today I’m sharing with you a handmade 100% coconut oil soap recipe! This is a beautiful snow white soap that is easy to make and has a delicious natural coconut smell. I think that all homemade natural soaps are special because there is a lot of care, love and good energy on them! Just be sure that you don’t have […]

Textile art: How To Pine Burr Fabric Folding

Today I want to share with you one of the most colorful projects that I’ve tried before: it is the “Pine Burr” what in Portuguese we call it as “Biquinho” (= small beak). The Pine Burr technique is all about fabric folding and then sewing them together matching colors to create a beautiful design. It was very popular with African […]