How To Be Inspired To Keep On Going?

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This post is for you that need some inspiration in this moment . It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, writer, an entrepreneur or an employee! Sometimes it is so hard to inspire ourselves to go to work, to wake up early, to exercise, to finish a project, to continue studying or just to keep us going on anything that is important to us…

Nowadays with the internet we are used to have fast solutions for everything. We can shop, chat with other people and make important decisions in front of our computers and cell phones, but sometimes, we need more than that and we don’t realize what it is missing to finish that drawing, that book, that course, that work….We know that we need more energy and we feel frustrated to continue in our endeavors… But how to feel reenergized to keep on going?

So Today I’m here to help you to find a way to reach out to your inspiration and make you remember why that project is still important to you! So let’s start!!!

1- Write your goals in a paper – when I say write, it is not to type it! Take a piece of paper and a pen and handwrite it because when you do so it will stick better in your brain! Write in a clear manner and hang it in front of you at your work place, office or studio so you can read it everyday! It is important to keep our goals clear and to remind us that all what is happening now have a purpose!

2- Breath deeply – breathing is a way to oxygenate your brain. When your brain is oxygenated you start thinking easily and you feel better and calmer.

3- Organize your day – To be more efficient at your work make a list with all your chores. Put time in each one of them even if it will take you few minutes to accomplish some of them. Following the list, you’ll feel that you didn’t waste your time during the day and will make you feel more optimistic at work or school…

4- This will not happen forever! – What is hard is to convince ourselves that everything changes. Today you are passing through a phase! That’s all! Nothing is forever!

5- Find Peace inside of you – do what you need to do, understand that what is happening to you now once was your choice. Some time ago, you wanted to start this phase, this project, this work… it was your choice. Understand that each one of us is responsible for our choices in the past and today you are living what you once had chosen, BUT DON’T FEEL BAD!!! YOU CAN CHANGE IT IF YOU WANT!

6- Think about changes- if you are not happy at your work, for example, start looking for another one. It seems obvious but sometimes we need somebody to tell us that! If you cannot change/leave your course or your project, keep breathing deeply, make peace with it and continue doing the work until the end. Soon you’ll see that you are done with it. Time passes fast.

7- Share your feelings – sharing what you feel and talking to other people that you trust is important. Sometimes one word that you hear will keep you on track and give you energy to keep you going! If you are religious pray/chant or mediate to ease your heart and spirit.

8- Stop complaining – Do not complain! Remember one thing: it could be worst! Complains will not help you to accomplish anything! Be positive!

9- Enjoy moments of happiness – with people that you love and love you ! Celebrate your life and their lives!

10- Do your best now and sleep – you know that you are making your better when you can have a good night sleep!

I hope you like this post and I hope that this can help you in your endeavors!

Thank you so much for your visit!


Creativity sometimes is something so delicate that seems to fade so fast!


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