A New Beginning

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If you have been following me, I need to tell you that, for some technical problems, I lost all the content of my blog last week.

If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself:

Hi my name is Eloisa, I’m Brazilian living in US, for about 13 years (sorry if my English is still not that good!). I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now and just discovered that all content of this blog was lost because of a technical problem… But it doesn’t mean that I will give up! I see this as another change in my life!

If you know me, all the Artlo Studio You Tube Channel videos are still running! (Thanks God!)

Let me tell you how I started and explain about the phases that I’ve been through!

In 2010 I started blogging and at that time I was using my blog as a tool to showcase my sewing and crafting.

In 2016, I started Artlo Studio You Tube Channel. I have lots videos on crafting but most of them are about soapmaking. If you want, please check it out! In 2017 I started my Bachelors in Fashion Design and hopefully at the end of this year(2019) I’ll finish it!

After losing all the content of the blog, I am starting a new one now, I think this was meant to be because I am in another phase of my life… I will show you new content like illustrations, watercolour, coloured pencil, sketches and much more!

I’m going to use this to my advantage though, and I won’t let it affect me negatively. This is a new start for me, it gives me time to learn new things as well – things like how I can improve my blog, how I can bring more traffic to blog, and how I can create content that benefits you, my lovely readers.

I’m really going to try and up my engagement for this blog as well, I might look at making the most of Instagram, as that would be a great way to show off my work. But if I’m being honest I’m not sure where to begin. I had a friend suggest I try Nitreo as this is an organic growth service for Instagram and it would help me gain more followers, but I think I need to figure out how to use Instagram first before I look at using this service!

I think I’ve got it though guys. I know I can do it, and I know things will be better now that I’ve taken the time to learn all these new things. So although I was annoyed that my blog disappeared, this is just a blessing in disguise and I’ll make sure it benefits me and my new blog!

I hope you enjoy it and this time, for sure, I’ll be more careful with blogging!!! I promise!!!

Enjoy it and thank you so much for your visit!

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